Magic in Eparus

There are three kinds of magic: Structured, Wild, and Blood. These three are broad categories, though only one version of each actually exists in the known world. Foundation magic is structured, sorcery is wild, and excidium is blood.

Structured magic relies on a consistent structure of spells and offers the caster no customization over their magic. Put ritual in, get magic out. Foundation mages of a particular tradition all have identical abilities and spells known and available. For information about each of the Stones in the world, visit the Stones page.

Wild magic allows the caster to control magic themselves, though because this takes more effort they can’t cast as many spells per day as structured mages. They have a lot more versatility, however.

Blood magic can’t cast as many spells per day as structured magic either, but has the raw force to ignore irritants like running water and wild zones. It also offers a wider range of powerful effects; structured magic has limited areas of specialization, wild magic is more versatile but still limited in some fashions, blood magic can do anything but heal, and it can do it well. Of course, excidium is also irredeemably and horrifically evil. (Excidium, as exemplified by the vizier class, is not available to players at the start of a campaign.)

With the exception of powerful blood magic, all magic is affected by running water, including rainfall. It is difficult to get spells to travel across or through it. Spells cast atop it without needing to cross it (such as a mage on a ship casting a spell affecting only the ship and those on it) are not affected, but any magic actually crossing water will be weakened or blocked entirely.


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