Haven Islands

The Haven Islands consist of three major islands and six minor islands. All three major islands and two of the minor islands are entirely tamed. The other four minor islands have port cities, but wilderness interiors.

The islands are:
Major Islands
Orvos – The largest and most-settled island. The capital of the Haven Islands, Orvoston, is on this island. Orvoston is a city of 15,000 people (Class 3 market), and the largest city in the Haven Islands.

New Vane – Settled after the Severing, New Vane is another of the major islands. Vanhelm, the major settlement on the island, is about 10,000 people (Class 4 market, small city).

Thressal – The third major island, Thressal’s population is scattered. Their largest settlement, Ressko, is only about 2,000 people (Class 5 market). Rather than having a few large cities and farmland mostly around them, this island has smaller towns scattered all around.

Settled Minor Islands
Idoro – The island of Idoro is the breadbasket of the Haven Islands. The island is flat, rolling plains with a perfectly temperate climate. Almost the entire island is farmland. The port of Aylephy (Class 4 market) ships out their produce to the rest of the island, and is the busiest port in all of the Haven Islands.

Verias – The island of Verias has snow-capped mountains and is noticeably colder than the other islands. The water around it is darker and colder than by the other islands. It is some miles to the north and the furthest east of the islands. Despite this, it is still settled in all the terrain that supports settlements, though sparsely; the colder weather allows for good hunting, especially of furred animals. Its largest settlement, Treth (about 2,000 people, Class 5 market), is known as the place to go if you want to purchase furs, meat, or other animal products.

Untamed Minor Islands
Rivo – The island of Rivo is not as much as single island as it is a collection of smaller pieces of land. Many of them are only a few feet apart, but it is a few feet of ocean, not of a freshwater river. In addition, some of the gaps are only a few feet wide, but thirty or forty feet above sea level. As you might expect from an island riven like this, it makes poor farmland, and is not settled outside of the port village of Myno (about 1,000 people, Class 6 market). It is considered a single island because no gap between parts of it are more than a hundred feet apart.

Smokewreath – The island of Smokewreath is a semi-active volcano. Smoke and steam puff out from the volcanic cone in the center of the island near-constantly. In addition, when it rains, it falls down into the cone and comes back up as steam. The end result is that the island is almost always foggy. A small port exists at one end of the island, the town of Undras (about 500 people, Class 6 market).

Clachlan – One of the minor islands. A rocky outcropping from the sea, this island has many shorewall caves and volcanic tunnels run all through it, though there is no longer any volcanic activity. Unlike Riva, these tunnels descend down, well below sea level, inside the pillar of stone that forms the island. The bottom of these tunnels has never been found. Clachlan possesses a port town perched atop a jutting pillar of stone (Beinn, Class 5 market, approximately 2,000 people), but the rest of the island is untamed.

Crescom – This island is an enormous C. The sheltered bay ranges in depth greatly, with holes whose depth is still unknown and sandbars only a few feet deep both to be found. The island itself is settled only at the tips, with two ports (Oirthar and Sirthar, each Class 5 markets). The terrain of the island is very much a jungle rain forest, and the bay is brackish instead of being purely ocean water.

Haven Islands

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