There are seven Foundation Stones, hidden and guarded in Belru Astu.

The first was created at the end of the Ferrovum; in fact, its creation is the reason the Ferrovum ended. The most recent was created approximately one hundred and fifty years ago. An eighth has not been created.

The seven Stones, in order of their creation, are:

Ignis, the Stone of Fire
Terros, the Stone of Earth
Aeros, the Stone of Air
Mortis, the Stone of Death
Vitas, the Stone of Life
Cogiatus, the Stone of Thought
Tempus, the Stone of Time

Each Stone empowers its own aspect of magic into the Foundation that they create together, allowing mages and others to utilize that kind of magic.

Each stone has a color associated with it. The colors are

Ignis – Red
Terros – Orange
Aeros – Blue
Mortis – Black
Vitas – Green
Cogiatus – White
Tempus – Silver

Each of the Stones has a fictional personification, as well, used to help people understand what the Stones are and what kind of magic they empower. The personifications are also commonly used in oaths (for example, ’Trickster’s tears!’ is a phrase meaning essentially ‘oh god this did not go as planned!’).

The personifications of each stone are:
Ignis – Trickster – A silver-tongued rogue with a heart of gold.
Terros – Maker – A brusque craftsman capable of building just about anything.
Aeros – Walker – A friendly traveler who never stays in one place for long.
Mortis – Harvester – A grizzled old farmer who understands that all things come to an end.
Vitas – Caregiver, a gentle motherly woman who enjoys providing people with what they need to grow.
Cogiatus – Tutor – An endlessly patient and calm mentor.
Tempus – River – Not actually a person at all, the ‘personification’ of Tempus is a gentle river that continues to flow regardless of the actions of humans.


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